Technology Information

Most Powerful Hosting Infrastructure Available in USA

Sineris objective is to bring the most advanced hosting platform to USA. We design, implement and maintain our network infrastructure utilizing enterprise servers and equipment. Our hosting infrastructure is located in two state-of-the-art Data Centers in the USA. The primary location is a Tier-4 Data Center in Orlando, Florida with supplimentery infrastructure in a Tier-3 Data Center in Dallas, Texas.

Recently we deployed our latest VPS platform featuring one of the highest performing Intel server processors (E5-2697 V3, with 14 cores, 28 threads and 35MB of L3 Cache). This server supports 56 Processor cores, 1.5 TB of RAM (DDR4 ECC Registered running at 2100Mhz speed) and 240 SSD based enterprise storage system. We utilize latest in RAID technology (RAID 10) to provide highest level of reliability. This server can withstand multiple drive failures without any service interruption, and notifies our administrators via Email and SMS whenever a disk failure is detected.

Sineris servers are connected to an Entperpise grade 48 port layer 2 Managed Gigabit switch. Which in turn connects to multiple fiber optic backbones through the Data Center's core routers.

Sineris utilizes multiple state-of-the-art Datacenters in USA. Our USA Head Office is located next to a Tier-4 Data center in Orlando, Florida. Our secondary Data center is in Dallas, Texas.